Our Story

We are the nearly two hundred teachers and professional staff at Carmen Schools of Science and Technology, spread out over six schools located in Milwaukee, WI.

Carmen’s namesake leaders believed in the vital need for workplace democracy and the power of worker voices. Right now, we are gravely concerned that the impact of serious workplace issues impede teachers’ ability to meet the high educational standards that Carmen students deserve. Collective bargaining through a negotiated contract is the only way to assure that teachers’ concerns regarding workload, equity, pay, and unacceptable turnover rates are addressed.

We are committed to providing the highest educational standards that will allow our students to grow and thrive both before and after graduation from Carmen schools. We are seeking to bargain collectively with the Carmen Administration in a spirit of mutual benefit and trust.  We are advocating for a seat at the table in discussions about what is best for our Carmen Community.

We have been organizing for a while! Below is a timeline describing some key events, as well as our four long term goals. By forming a union with the IAMAW, we’re hoping to take the next steps in making sure our voices are heard, not just today, but well into the future.

Our Four Goals


Equity is best achieved through a union, which can protect and empower underrepresented identities among staff and stand in solidarity with underrepresented members of our student and family communities.

A Sustainable Workload

A sustainable workload is necessary to prevent burnout and to retain experienced teachers, whose experience benefits students.

Transparency & Voice

Transparency is needed to ensure all stakeholders, from staff to students to parents, can provide input and insight and are involved in decision making.

Financial Fairness

Teachers need financial fairness to best provide for their students and stay in this line of work.